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Monday, 11 July 2011 06:35
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Overall recommendation: On the basis of the work statement above, recommend in your review whether the paper should be published in our journal and offer a more detailed critique.

Communication Between Reviewers and Editors: Each person who is invited to prepare a review for CSCanada is selected for invitation by one of the journal’s associate editors on the basis of the invitee’s know interests and expertise. If at any time a reviewer has questions, suggestions, or concerns, he or she can directly communicate with the responsible associate editor and/ or the editors-in-chief.

Supporting Online Material: Developed with the input of editors, authors and reviewers, our online support site provides information and answers to questions on a variety of editorial and production topics. Supporting online material includes methods, text or data that is of interest only to the specialist, but that is still necessary for the integrity and excellence of the paper. It must be directly related to the conclusions of the print paper.

Reviewer Feedback Programme: The reviewer may have been asked to complete our Reviewer Feedback Programme online survey. The survey will include following questions: reviewer’s overall satisfaction, their willingness to review again, the perceived reputation of the journal, interaction between the journal editor and publisher and the quality and relevance of the paper reviewed.

Security: We ask reviewers to notify us if they have concerns that release of this paper may have a danger to public health, safety, or security. Such concerns will be reported to the Editor-in-Chief for further evaluation.

Conflict of Interest: If reviewers have a conflict of interest with a submission, they should not be involved in the decision process for that submission in any capacity, as Reviewer, Associate Editor, or Editor-in-Chief.

Confidentially: Any paper received for review must be treated as confidential documents. We require reviewers to protect the confidentiality of the manuscript and ensure that it is not disseminated or exploited.

Returning your review: Please return your review using your account in our website or directly sent to our email address.


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