Thursday, 12 May 2011 08:39
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Our Advantages

CSCanada is a professional academic publisher. From many years experience in publishing academic journals with various languages, CSCanada has bulit up a mature translation group. Our translators are from different countries and all of them are native speakers in at least two languages.

For guaranteeing highest quality, the translation process, alike the industrial production line, should be put under strict monitoring and supervision. We touch importance to the overall control of translation process by appointing an experienced project manager to oversee the whole process in detail from the receipt of translation job to the final delivery, by enabling all staff attached to his/her post work earnestly and correctly, by coordinating different divisions and different personnel to keep the “production line” of translation smoothly running. Our project manager will delve deeply into the whole translation process, handling issues, solving problems upon their occurrence, keeping flawless connection with client and timely melting their rational requirements in the process. The process management is a kind of monitoring under the regulations and rules rather than under supervisors. All members of our company, be an in-house one or a freelance one, even be a supervisor, should abide by regulations and rules. What the project managers or translation supervisors should do is nothing but to supervising and coordinating the work of the translators in line with the regulations and rules, while putting these regulations and rules into practice themselves


CSCanada can translate the following languages for you:

English, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portugeuse, Arabic, Chinese, Mongolian and Malaysian.

Except the above-mentioned languages, we also supply languages services on other rare languages.

Translation Scope

  1. Academic articles ( We can translate articles both in all subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences and Sciences and Engineering)
  2. Books
  3. Legal Contract
  4. Technical documents
  5. Evaluation and Assessment Reports
  6. Business Documents
  7. Overseas Education & Immigration Files
  8. Personal Resume & CV
  9. Other Documents