CSCanada Conferences

Monday, 24 January 2011 03:33
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CSCanada now is planning to sponsor globally academic conferences in various disciplines in both natural science and social science as follows:

The Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Communications and the Arts
  • Education
  • Language, Literature,and Linguistics
  • Social Sciences
  • Philosophy, Religion and Theology

The Sciences and Engineering

  • Biological Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Psychology

CSCanada will be interested in exploring the forefront of academic science, especially the important issues conductive to the progress of the human society. With good reputation and professional quality, we sincerely welcome you to organize a CSCanada conference!

CSCanada also produces cutting-edge conference publications in various disciplines in both natural science and social science, which are recognized by academia worldwide. Articles submitted for publication follow a paper selection process and are peer-reviewed before they are published.

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