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Yakubu, Yisa (Nigeria)
YANG, Xue, School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China. (China)
YANG, Yunfeng, School of Science, XI'AN University of Science and Technology (China)
Yao, Haishen, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Queensborough Community College (QCC), City University of New York, 222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364 (United States)
YU, Jianqiu, The East Campus of Anhui University of Finance & Economic, Bengbu, China. (China)
YU, Xing, Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics Humanities & Science and Technology Institute of Hunan Loudi, 417000, P.R. China (China)
YU, Xing, Hunan Institute of Humanities, Science and Technology, Loudi, 417000, China (China)
YU, Xing, Hunan Institute of Humanities Science and Technology (China)
Yu, Xing
YUE, Zengyuan, Institute of Training Science and Sport Informatics, German Sport University Cologne, Carl-Diem-Weg 6, 50933 Cologne, Germany. The German Research Centre of Elite Sport.
YUE, Zengyuan
Yuhua, RUAN, STD and AIDS Prevention and Control Center, Beijing, China 100050 (China)

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