Toeplitz Matrix Method and Volterra-Hammerstien Integral Equation with a Generalized Singular Kernel

A. M. Al-Bugami


In this work, the existence of a unique solution of Volterra-Hammerstein integral equation of the second kind (V-HIESK) is discussed. The Volterra integral term (VIT) is considered in time with a continuous kernel, while the Fredholm integral term (FIT) is considered in position with a generalized singular kernel. Using a numerical technique, V-HIESK is reduced to a nonlinear system of Fredholm integral equations (SFIEs). Using Toeplitz matrix method we have  a nonlinear algebraic system of equations. Also, many important theorems related to the existence and uniqueness of the produced algebraic system are derived. Finally, some numerical examples when the kernel takes the logarithmic, Carleman, and Cauchy forms, are considered.


Singular integral equation; Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation; Toeplitz matrix; Cauchy kernel; Carleman kernel

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