The Super-Convergence in Rheological Flow

L. HOU, S. L. ZHOU, X. Y. SUN, J. J. ZHAO, L. QIU, H. L. LI


To estimate the solution of the coupled first-order hyperbolic partial differential equations, we use both the boundary-layer method and numeric analysis to study the Cauchy fluid equations and P-T/T stress equation.  On the macroscopic scale the free surface elements generate flow singularity and stress uncertainty by excessive tensile stretch. A numerical super-convergence semi-discrete finite element scheme is used to solve the time dependent equations. The coupled nonlinear solutions are estimated by boundary-layer approximation. Its numerical super convergence is proposed with the a priori and a posteriori error estimates.


Non-Newtonian fluid; Semi-discrete finite element method; Super convergence; Boundary-layer solution

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